Chongqing housing prices staged fighting Chongqing property market is expected to bring new network 4000dy

Chongqing housing prices staged fighting is expected to improve the market take Chongqing – Beijing, Beijing, Chongqing, August 30 (Jiang Qinglin) since August, the land market supply and demand aspects of heating, hot, housing prices get enthusiastic. Insiders said that sales of housing prices better, abundant funds, so when the quality of the land mass market appears to grab the situation. 30, Chongqing three residential and commercial land in the delisting stage. China railway construction to 4 billion 80 million yuan competing Jiangbei District, the Guanyin Bridge group A part of the plot, the floor price of $5916 square meters, the premium rate of 36.49%. The land area of 175108 square meters, the starting price of $2 billion 989 million. It is worth noting that, on the same day, another case of Jiulongpo District Yangshi group Erlang town center area partition C3-4-3 No. 03 plots, by the China Railway eleven Bureau to take the listing stage, the total price of 780 million yuan, the turnover of the floor price of 3613 yuan per square meter, the plots for the two types of residential land, commercial land, commerce land. At present, China railway construction, Longhu, Jinke, poly, Dongyuan and other well-known housing prices this year in Chongqing land market gains. According to statistics, this year the take Lijia land premium rate of 70.5%; Longhu Zhaomu mountain land premium rate of 63.4%; Jinhui Yang Shi land premium rate of 62.87%; poly Dong River land premium rate of 58.01%. Why well-known real estate companies frequently shot to get? At the beginning of this year, the Chongqing municipal Party committee, municipal government formally promulgated the "Chongqing city to promote the supply side structural reform work plan" put forward clearly, Chongqing will intensify efforts to control the supply of land, within two years of land supply scale decreased year by year 10%. Data show that the first half of 2016, the Chongqing Municipal Bureau of land and public transfer of commercial, residential land operating a total of about 38 cases, down 38.7%; sell a total area of 2 million 736 thousand square meters, down 36.3%; the total turnover of 14 billion 530 million yuan, down 47.8%. On the one hand is to reduce the supply of land in Chongqing, led to housing prices in the land market active; on the other hand, is the developer of the Chongqing property market is expected to improve, hoping to have more abundant land reserves in Chongqing market." An industry analyst said. According to the world’s leading real estate service provider DTZ released the report, as the traditional off-season, July volume of 1 million 167 thousand square meters, down 14.1% from the previous month; the price of 6846 yuan per square meter, last month fell 225 yuan, but this year is still in a higher position. About to enter the golden nine silvers ten, plus Chongqing once a year in mid October Autumn Fair Housing turnover will push or rebound, is expected to sell part of the popular plots will be more popular.相关的主题文章:

The 16 Mercedes g350 latest offer the installment on the card

16 Mercedes Benz G350 latest offer national licensing installment promotion date: 2016-08-31 to 2016-09-3 Phoenix car price information news: Recently, Phoenix area editor learned from Tianjin Wande Hisamichi import Automobile Trade Co. Ltd., the store is currently Benz G350 has a large number of promotional cars in the sale, Benz G350 main color with white, black, and more. Purchase a car can be preferential electricity. Interested in this car friends may wish to pay more attention to. Please see the table below: 15102216097 sunjingli new Mercedes Benz G350 latest price list models color car discount car Benz G350 discussion case discussion preferential cars are plentiful tab: Phoenix car appearance: imported Mercedes Benz G350 a lot of people will be unable to restrain the emotions thumbs up, it is a classic in the history of the legendary off-road vehicles, keep the same faces more than 30 years, known as the master of the field of cross-country. Mercedes Benz G350 using a liquid urea mixture called AdBlue, the tail gas and air intake to deal with, so that 80% of the nitrogen oxides into water and nitrogen. Interior: Mercedes Benz G350 diesel overall shape simple classic, simple and powerful lines, with the typical characteristics of off-road vehicles, user evaluation, this is a cross-country car, the classic classic!" Interior, the overall is relatively simple; fine work by the majority of users praise, users said, the G class car interior gives a simple and practical feeling! Workmanship is very fine! Interior configuration is luxurious!" Details: the original purpose of the 16 Mercedes Benz G350 was born, and now they not only completed the original goal, and is moving towards a higher goal. Mercedes Benz G350 is the king of off-road Road, while driving performance on the road is also good, especially accelerated performance. Other aspects: Mercedes Benz G350 diesel was born in the original purpose, and now they not only completed the original goal, and is moving towards a higher goal. Mercedes Benz G350 is the king of off-road Road, while driving performance on the road is also good, especially accelerated performance. Tianjin Wande Hisamichi import auto trade Co. Ltd. Tel: 15102216097 sunjingli (with WeChat) Company for staging: Car Buying, Shoufu 30%, agent Beijing index? Disclaimer: the market from comprehensive dealers since the release of information, the authenticity, accuracy and legality of the responsibility of the dealer, Phoenix car does not provide no guarantee, nor assume any legal liability.相关的主题文章:

Hero alliance official painting art set hero tushang! Sina heroes Union

"Hero alliance" official painting art set hero tushang! Sina hero alliance zone "hero alliance" fist company before the developers released a new artistic original art collections, although the entity version is not low price, but the network version is free for game player browsing. The album consists of the "Introduction", "hero" and "Summoner Canyon", "team work" and "thanks" in the five part, because the content is rich, the space is limited, can only be reproduced part to be displayed. Want to watch the game player can move at the end of the complete link. The original article Hero: Anne: Ali: AIKE: Captain: Inventor: Wei sister: good luck: gold marks: Piano: Ryan Garr: female Barbarian King: NAR: all the Heroes: Summoner Canyon: Blue Square store: Red Square store: the battlefield: the above pictures are from the "hero alliance" spowa. Online art atlas. Sina’s statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章:

Wang Yiwei The Belt and Road reshape the economic globalization discourse verbal jint

Wang Yiwei: The Belt and Road reshape the economic globalization discourse author Wang Chongyang Institute of finance, Renmin University of China, a senior researcher. "Belt and Road Initiative" initiative, causing the world’s hot, in countries along the positive response at the same time, is also facing some questions. Questioned. Referring to the west, that "The Belt and Road" construction is the rise of the great powers strategy, and compare with the history of Holland, Japan, UK, Chinese analysis strategy and its control. In fact, the use of modern western discourse system to understand the "The Belt and Road" is totally inconsistent with the actual. First of all, "The Belt and Road" carrying the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation’s dream of a hundred years, but Chinese revival is not involved in the revival of a country, is the revival of civilization, so we can not use the "rise of great powers" logic to understand; secondly, "Belt and Road Initiative involved and resolved, development the problem is far from Chinese individual countries, is a global problem, such as poverty, inequality, global governance, solve global challenges in innovative ways, it is also an important way to boost the realization of the goal of sustainable development of the United Nations in 2030. "The Belt and Road" construction of all-round opening up strategy China proposed, "to jointly build and share" principle, in order to oyf along the 65 countries, 4 billion 400 million of the population to establish a comprehensive three-dimensional interconnection consisting of railway, highway, aviation, marine, oil and gas pipelines, transmission lines and communication network traffic through the network, and the industrial agglomeration and radiation effect the formation of construction industry, metallurgy, energy, finance, communications, logistics, tourism and other comprehensive development of the economic corridor, through policy communication, facilities Unicom, trade flow, financing, and other people connected to the "five links" to promote trade and investment facilitation, deepen economic and technological cooperation, the establishment of the free trade area, and ultimately the formation of the Eurasian market. The energy corridor focus on commodity pricing, logistics and financial corridor focus on Trade and investment standards right, financing is to promote the RMB internationalization area, Internet, smart grid and silk road construction will promote the formation of e-commerce world trade rules, vigorously promote the system of international discourse of Chinese. One, "The Belt and Road boost out of the" western center theory "of ancient Greece produced in ancient Rome, ancient Rome Christian Europe, Christian Europe Renaissance, the Renaissance is the enlightenment, the Enlightenment has created political democracy and the industrial revolution. Democracy and hybrid industries further gave birth to the United States, which reflects the life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness". University of Oxford professor Peter Francopan found that this popular saying just western political, cultural and ethical victory is not the truth of history pet phrase. In his new book, "the Silk Road: the new world outlook" wrote: "for thousands of years, it is between eastern and western regions, namely Europe and the Pacific together constitute the earth axis area". The foreword of the book wrote, in this area, the world a great religion was born, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism All flowers bloom together. It was Zai Liang相关的主题文章:

Liu Shishi, Lin Yun are wearing, even to Luhan fashion a single product, this year to Huobian fashio haywire

Liu Shishi, Lin Yun are wearing, even to Luhan fashion a single product, this year to Huobian fashion circle! The weather slowly cool autumn are you ready this fall and winter still don’t fire bomber jackets either show or star influx of people on the street to beat or magazine posters can see the uniform jacket even if pilots braved frequent Zhuangshan risk stars it is not so much love to shoot on Ruili magazine the jacket, everyone should not unfamiliar. It Gucci embroidery jacket power power once through collocation pink bow and cute girl in a new generation of fashion flowers so Yuan Shanshan braces overlap with the hip and waist trousers to keep her legs 2 meters long as the sense that we spring 2017 Milan fashion a crazy week: Gucci and freehand artistic expression. The mermaid forest green jacket color not so beautiful and charming pure white collocation letter T so the tide to the explosion of a single product even The actor is also fashionable to see Luhan wearing a jacket and red wine printing and embroidery trousers knocked spark and how many fans sister to follow him with the we wear couples as well as the former husband Song Joong Ki wearing embroidered jackets on the magazine cover as touching the face look sultry Fumian there it was you female stars frequently Zhuangshan gucci red embroidered jackets jumped out of a color collocation is very small Suihua very fresh New York socialite Olivia Palermo we have to say Yuan Shanshan Zhuangshan with purple fairy color second sets of black and red collocation concise and clear collocation a pair of red shoes and charming woman so pale purple and blue the Department is very significant in the color of skin clean and refreshing color very temperament collocation shorts are hot sexy embroidery jacket + skirt size black printing embroidery jacket very cool Handsome is a good tool to pose the collocation of a denim skirt or light colored skirt would cool and sexy you can choose the day cool ride choice skirt knitting tailoring the unique personality more unique and color print Chiara ferragni color collocation is very bright white in a selection of good and the warm a pair of retro frame can make her fashionable and artistic temperament bursting! We bust skirt embroidered jackets + A this look is definitely the plump meat girls weapon was thin A pendulum can well cover the meat also makes the overall shape of slender size embroidery jacket + skirt was high from the spring on the popular pleated skirt walked swaying very handsome neat collocation style jacket collision a cool and sweet feel you embroidered jackets + jeans this body of look is simple and capable very cool dew ankle length jeans collocation heels more workplace temperament so embroidery jacket + wide leg pants embroidered jacket and a symbol of rebellion and wide leg pants collocation personality with elegant women working girls oh we refer to other embroidery jacket this in addition to the classic pilot jacket in autumn and winter of this year is still popular in the black and green is the most popular color collocation and all-match leggings or split skirt sexy casual fan You ready? This hot fashion circle single product have got you down?相关的主题文章: